Behind the Scenes of an Award-Winning Night

Sure, Meryl Streep may have her Oscars. Anne Hathaway has the Golden Globes. But for me – being twice named a recipient of the 2012 Designer of the Year Award by the Interior Design Society…well…let’s just say: It didn’t stink.

Donna Hoffman with IDS awards

About 8 weeks prior, a call came to the office telling us that work we’d submitted 5 months prior was being named for a high honor. We didn’t know precisely what was being named or what specific honor we’d be getting. We had no idea there would be 2 awards. I knew only that I’d be attending an awards dinner after the 1st day of the Interior Design Society annual conference in North Carolina. Time to get plane tickets.

Let me take you along with these photo images…complete with the “thought bubble” that accompanies them.

garage-luggageAll I’m really thinking here is: “I wonder how wrinkled my cocktail dress is getting.”

airport-shot“Arriving at the Philadelphia airport with plenty of time when the thought suddenly flashes…did I pack my Spanx?”

airport snack

“Traveling makes me ‘snacky.’ Notice, no chocolate…due to the panicked thought about the potentially absent Spanx.”

breakfast shot

“Down in North Carolina for the IDS conference. Notice the bagel on my breakfast plate…that’s because the Spanx were unearthed from my suitcase the night before. Whew…bring on the carbs. Got any bacon?”

shoe shot“Time to get dressed…my awards shoes, bag and custom necklace.”

snoa-1“With Snoa Greene, the Executive Director of the Interior Design Society. I look like I have 6 chins…but I’m on award-winner fumes, so who cares? (Note to self…do Google search for Neck Spanx.)


“Pictured with some new design friends I’d met earlier at the IDS conference. They are designers from Canada, St. Louis and Greece!”

So…pop open the champagne and get Joan Rivers on the phone. All in a nights award’s work!