Creating A Home You Love

design-fingerprintForget the resolutions about food, weight loss and exercise. They’re all deprivation and a pain in the rear end. I suggest a feel good resolution: Make this your year to focus on great living – living your most beautiful life.

A dose of self-acceptance, a dash of self-love, and giving yourself the daily gift of a home you love. But how?

I can’t help with the self acceptance or self love, but baby, do I have a secret to share with you to get a home you will love and that will love you right back by being your treasured daily respite, elixir and haven.

It all starts with your design finger print. Your DF is your DNA in interior design. It’s every craving and aversion you have in design: How you uniquely relate to line, form,homecolor, shape, pattern, space, light, shadow – and more. These are the mission critical things that live beneath your design style.

And your DF is the golden nugget most designers miss and that most people have no idea they even have.

In a decade of supporting interior design clients I discovered an interior design process that seamlessly melds savvy design strategy with every client’s unique design fingerprint. The results are wonderful.

I bet without much effort you can tell me your shoe size, the colors you like or your design style. But I also bet you have no idea how you personally need color placed and moved through a room. How about pattern? How about shape?

Yet, there you are spending your money – thousands and thousands in one room either all at once or spent over time, and yet you have no idea about what you truly need in a room’s design so that it feels and looks amazing to you daily as well as for the long haul.

Most people put more effort into researching their 1 week trip to Disney than they do into the costly and live-with-the results-a-long time pursuit of crafting a home that supports your most beautiful life.

Woman, know thyself. Climb into the driver’s seat if you want to get wherever it is you want to go.

And of course my lovely, if you need a driver and guide, we are here to help. Call our design studio at 215-736-8693. Your wonderful home is waiting for you!