Creating A Home Your Family Can Love

Creating a Home You Love (1)

Home is where the heart is not just a saying. It’s a seed truism.

More than just your heart is nurtured in the sanctity of your home.

Home is haven and nurturer to you and your family. It affects and supports your shared daily round; your individual and collective sense of wellbeing. Home is the place where your dreams are dreamed and memories born.

So ask yourself an important question.

“How would it feel to live in a home that makes me feel good every day just by living in it, waking up in it, coming home to it or entertaining family and friends in it? ”

I asked myself that question once. My answer was swift and simple:

“Amazing, and I want that now!

And so I launched my design career journey, which led me to develop the Wise Design approach we use in my company today, and one that sets us apart from other interior design firms.

When Wise Design happens, great things happen. For you. And for your family.

In a nutshell: Wise Design occurs when you marry strategic and intuitive design processes with someone’s unique design fingerprint. Your DF is what I call your unique set of cravings and aversions about crucial element like line, form, shape, color, pattern, space, placement, light, and more.


Your design fingerprint – or that of you and your significant other- contains the mission critical DNA that lives beneath any design style.

If you design only to a “style” you’ll blow it. Design instead to your design fingerprint, which INCLUDES your style, and expect to live in a home that feels as joyful, harmonious, soothing and beautiful as anything you could ever wish for.

You’ll feel it. Your kids will feel it. And so will your family and friends as soon as they walk in your front door.

Creating a home you and your family love is a smart recipe for feel-good living and a great way to fortify your ship against the tide of stresses and troubles the world will happily slog your way.

“Mom, it feels so good to be home. Mom, I love the way our home feels. Mom, it’s spoiling living in such a beautiful home. Mom, thank you for this beautiful home.”

These are things our kids have and still do say to us. Yours can too. And I won’t lie to you. It’s a wonderful feeling when they do.

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