Color & Language: A Screwy Thing

As an interior designer I love color.  As a writer, I love words.  So in this post  I combined the two loves  and came up with as many Color Expressions as I could.  See if you can add to this list!


Green around the gills = looking nauseous

Green with envy = feeling jealous

Yellow bellied =cowardly

Feeling  blue = down in the dumps

Red faced = embarrassed

In the red = broke

Black hearted = lacking humanity

Black out = loss of consciousness …or electricity

Nothing beautiful in any of these.  What a terrible use of glorious color! So let’s move to the other end of the “spectrum”:

In the black = when a business has a positive cash flow (and gets out of the red!)

In the pink = feeling happy

A little bundle of blue (or pink) = a newborn baby boy (or girl)

Green shoots = signs of positive growth

Green thumb = a gifted gardener

Rose colored glasses = seeing the world in the most positive way (something my mother Naomi specialized in and which I didn’t remotely inherit!)

Silver lining = the upside to any situation

Golden touch = the touch of success in all things

Black and White = when a situation is very clear

Gray area = when a situation is unclear (note to reader: mixing black and white pigments produces the color gray!)

Then there are non color specific phrases like:

Colorful character = an individual with many interesting traits

Off color humor = humor that is risqué or vulgar

Did I miss any? What can you add to the list?