3 Big Payoff Kitchen Facelift Tips

Kitchen renovations make clients quake. Mess, chaos and expense is on everyone’s brain and with good reason. With so much function and storage packed into this most often used room, it makes sense that kitchen renovations are usually complicated and costly projects.

Fresh Kitchen Interior Design

Here are three high impact design moves I’ll guide clients to do when they really want to extensively reinvent the the kitchen but without overwhelming their home life or their budget.

Paint Cabinets Rather Than Replacing

No paint brush and bucket here people. I’m talking about a messy job for a pro with the right spray tools and a workshop. Expect to pay many thousands of dollars, but this pales compared to the many tens of thousands of dollars a rip-out and replace would require. And the results? Fabulous.

Ceilings Count, Too

Beadboard it, paint it, add a millwork flourish around the new light fixtures I’m about to tell you to purchase in my next tip. In others words, stop ignoring this most ignored wall.


Reinvent With Light Fixtures

Dated light fixtures will make any room sing in the key of  flat, but none more so than the kitchen. It doesn’t have to be costly. It has to have great lines and if you are brave, an unexpected note. Drum shades, oversized pendants, deconstructed looks, sleek industrial, shiny Hollywood glam. Just go for it! Take a look at this fixture we recently used for a client’s facelift. Beautiful!


All or nothing kitchen reno thinking traps too many clients before they come to me for help. Their frustration lifts as we show them that you don’t need to replace it all…you need to replace wisely for greatest impact.