Whole Home New Construction: A New Way of Working with an Interior Designer

When it comes to creating impeccable, light-up-your-daily-life kind of interior design that inspires your best living, let me tell you a little secret… it all starts before you even break ground.

For the IDH team, whole home new construction takes a holistic view of the entire design-build process, fully integrating your Dream Team of builder, architect, and luxury interior designer every step of the way.

True story: Currently at IDH, we’re working with a wonderful family on our third project together. They are moving and are now REALLY building their forever dream home — from the ground up. They came to us first and asked: “How early should we bring you in?”

The answer, beloved readers, is now — before or during the blueprint development phase, before the foundation is laid and one single wall goes up.


You might be wondering why so early.

During the discovery process of whole home new constructions, the questions we ask as luxury interior designers are going to be very different than those asked by a builder or an architect.

You need all three disciplines involved. This is the home Dream Team.

While a builder thinks in terms of square feet, an interior designer think in terms of square inches — because the details about where you live and breathe are in the inches and we want you to fall in love with every single square inch.

As an insightful, highly collaborative luxury interior design team, IDH enables you and your interests to be tremendously supported from the blueprint forward.

We collaborate with the construction team on the best aesthetic and functional solutions for your goals; we put together concept boards so you can see your spaces come to life from the start; and we work on furnished space plans, so we can collectively determine things like optimal media placement, room openings, even room length and width. (Oh, your heart is set on a round dining room table? Ah, your craving is a two-story library?) How you want to live and feel in a space is where our brain goes.

Before a hammer ever hits the nail in your whole home new construction, we ensure that every square foot — and EVERY SQUARE INCH — is tailor-designed for you.



If you’ve ever tried to choose a tile, light fixture, or wall covering as a solo endeavor, you know that it’s the ultimate paradox of choice. There are too many options — and some excellent ones that you might not even be aware of!

As design thought leaders, choice is our creative playground at IDH. But we know how to artfully cull down the choices as we guide our clients in refining their vision and making the most impeccable selections for them.

Indeed, part of our job as interior designers is to curate everything that’s out there and show you exactly what you need to see.  

We love identifying design solutions that up-level our clients’ vision — and then hearing them say: “I never thought that was possible to do that!”


With IDH, so much is possible. And when you unleash this new echelon of the Dream Team: builder, architect, and interior designer — with us at the interior design helm — it’s truly groundbreaking.

And if you’re breaking ground on a new project, check out our step-by-step process for success from start to finish and let’s chat about how IDH can support you!