Stunning Interior Design Lighting: A Jewel of Your Whole Home Luxury Interior Design

It’s always amazing to me that as gorgeous as a renovation or project is, it’s the lighting that is the crown jewel of each and every space.

Sure, it has a functional use. But, to relegate interior design lighting to the function-only category is to miss out on how brightly this room eye candy can really shine.

At our luxury interior design firm, we see lighting as a pivotal element of a well-designed space, let alone whole home interior design where we ensure every last detail is lit to perfection.

It’s all about context

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to interior design lighting. That’s where our holistic full room or whole home interior design approach really factors in, as we deliberately consider how every single element in a space comes together for a cohesive vibe that fits your unique design fingerprint. For as many times as lighting plays a lead role in a room, there are just as many cases where it needs to take on a quieter – but no less significant – supporting role. 

It’s also important to ensure that every lighting fixture is in conversation with the others —complementing or contrasting in just the right way. This is why it’s so essential to work with a custom interior design team like ours to achieve just the right mix and mood.

Interior Design Lighting is a major jewelry moment

Lovelies, we know that jewelry can make (or break) a look. It may seem like a small afterthought, but it actually has a lot more power than you might give it credit for. In much the same way, lighting plays a similar role in a home. When designed and dosed properly, it is an accessory that can make a room come alive, driving a “design vibe,” adding interest, richness, and depth.

Take a petite powder room that we designed for a client as an example. Here, the lighting had to be striking yet perfectly proportioned. So, we embellished the space with a crystal-and-stone piece with gold accents. We created a memory moment in even a small space. 

The options are endless

From glinting chandeliers and retro-fab Sputniks (yes, they are still “in”), to mixed-metal fixtures, interesting combos of wood and glass, and LED innovations, interior design lighting knows no bounds. And we are so here for it. It may even take on an artistic, sculptural look, as was the case with a fixture we placed in a stairwell leading to a teen-friendly attic lounge.

Lighting and lighting fixtures may be the finishing touch in a space, but we consider them every step of the way as part of an excellent interior design – whether for a renovation, a single space, or a whole home interior design project. When we approach a room’s lighting choices as your custom interior designer, we ask ourselves how the lighting will punctuate the space to create the most captivating effect possible.

Want to get a new lease on light for your interior design project? Contact us to learn about all the ways we can set the mood with style, thanks to perfectly selected lighting.