Designing with Nature: Where Good Energy and Luxury Meet

Let’s talk about biophilic design for a second. You may be thinking “bio… what?!”

Don’t worry; we’re not going to get super-design-technical around here. Biophilic design is basically just a fancy term that means designing with the beautiful benefits of Mother Nature in mind.

There’s no question that integrating natural elements into a sunroom interior design for example — right down to indoor plants — brings tangible and proven physical, emotional, and mental health advantages.

So, it’s something that’s always on our minds at IDH — especially when we are working in a space where the views to the natural environment are just as impeccable as the luxury interior design vision we’re creating.

Here are some of the ways we think about harnessing the incredible energy of nature in design.

Color That Complements

As an interior designer, you make a decision to either supply the lion’s share of color in a space — or you have the view supply the color.

When the views are spectacular and tickle the inside of a space with warm shades of sunrises and sunsets or cool, cerulean water hues, or the forest greens of grass and trees, you certainly do NOT want to compete with such lush natural offerings.

A domineering color palette would only break the rhythm.

In this sunroom interior design, we let the gorgeous garden views take top billing, which means the color palette was kept very tight and intentional. Pleasing, soft creams and pale gray-blues don’t compete with the color outside the abundance of windows.

These windows take centerstage with their natural light and views — and we framed those views with motorized drapery. Which brings me to the next point about designing with nature…

Windows That Wow

With an Important view, people often think: “I shouldn’t do window treatments.” Depending on the design style being used, that perspective can be absolutely wrong!

In this classic and transitional sunroom, the drapery produces a wonderful vertical rhythm, which creates a soothing movement in the space.  It doesn’t detract from the view. 

Quite the contrary -it frames it!

Textures That Resonate

Beautifully layered and intentionally textured rooms are a cornerstone of cozy and luxurious design. Yet there are limits to a good thing, especially when designing with nature.

To make a highly organic, impactful statement in this sunroom — and to resonate with the surrounding nature — we brought in textures running the gamut from rough-hewn, to slubby linens and soft cottons, woven pieces, and lush greenery and plants.

These more biophilic-based textures unbuttoned the space a bit and allowed its organic side to shine while other details — like the silver mesh in the cabinetry panels — dolled it up just a bit to contrast the natural, warm woods.

But the key here is that we knew the nuance of our limits.

For example: Could we have added grass cloth to this sunroom? Absolutely, but we didn’t want to overdesign or overdo the organic elements — which is just as fraught as under-designing a space.

This bright sunroom is elegantly soothing the minute you step foot into it. That’s the power of impeccably integrating nature into luxury residential interior design.


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