Why You Can’t Rely on HomeGoods For Home Accessories

We, designers, can’t rely on fun resources like HomeGoods or HomeSense to get those Pinterest, gorgeous results that our clients want us to create. Why?

They are certainly good resources for filler, finding something at the last minute perhaps that you’re working on your own in your home, but when our clients come to us to create Pinterest beautiful rooms, one of the things we do with the accessories is create rhythms that move through spaces and HomeGoods and HomeSense, as fun as they are, don’t have a reliable and consistent inventory.

Treasure Hunt for The Perfect Accessories

Let’s face it. Part of what what they’re all about is the thrill of the treasure hunt, however, I’m standing in one little spot in one giant showroom in the Philadelphia Design Center, we can go to Philadelphia Design Center, the New York Design Center, as well as work with design centers across the country.

But we can go to a design center and say “Hey it’s black and white that I’m after. Hey, I need a six inch item. No, I actually need something that’s a trio. I need a certain style. I need a certain finish;” and I’m going to find it quickly and efficiently in a design center.

You’ve got a great variety of finishes that vary from a high finished to a matte black to this wonderful matte gold in pristine condition. You and I both know you find that out in the a world in an off price store, chances are it might be a little bit of scratch and dent.

But it’s not just about knowing what color you need, what size you need, but it’s also about finding the unusual so your home doesn’t look like everybody else’s home.

Accessories with A Professional Eye

When you’re designing a room as a professional, you’re thinking about layering, about textures, you’re thinking about moving weight through spaces, and that means small, medium, midsize, large, and extra large accessories, done in a particular way to create layering, nuance and to hold weight.

So if we know what we’re looking for, to make a book case pop, to make a statement on a sideboard, we find it. It’s efficient, time is used well, and we get that result that we want.

And if there’s a particular style that we want, for example my team and I are working on a boho project, this fabulous lamp we found, why? Because we knew we needed a boho, we know what color way we need, in this case we need a little bit of blush as a pop up accent. The likelihood of my walking into a HomeGoods or HomeSense and finding the color, style, shape, and condition that I need is slim-to-none.

The other thing, HomeGoods and HomeSense again a lot of fun when you use them in a right way, but if you shop during a holiday season, Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, you’re gonna see a lot of that decor there, well, I don’t need that type of decor right now…I’m looking for boho.

So, it’s about efficiency, quality, variety, and styling. Those are things that the design centers will bring to our clients that I just won’t be able to do if I’m limited to some of the retail resources that you maybe aware of.