Maison & Objet Trend Report Pt4 – Furniture Silhouettes

Welcome to the 4th and final part in our Maison & Objet Design Show trend series!

In this blog we discuss the most relevant trending furniture styles and shapes at the Maison and Objet show.  We in the design community refer to furniture shapes as “silhouettes”.

As you’d probably expect, the silhouettes ran the gamut. The range did not disappoint, with the varying shapes playing off each other, creating the wonder of high-end design.

Despite our seeing ranges of shapes, the most prevalent by far was the introduction of MAJOR curves.

Think bean-shaped sofas, dining tables, and cocktail tables for as far as our eyes could see.

The contours of these pieces offer the perfect blend of playfulness and sophistication, a contemporary interpretation on timeless goods.

Meanwhile, the ever-present rectilinear influence added balance to the silhouettes, still anchoring many consoles, chairs and light fixtures.  The ultimate union was expressed in the juxtaposition of the sumptuous curves and simple straight lines within one glorious décor, the proverbial “yin and yang” of design.

In the photo, notice how the geometric pendants offset the gorgeous curves of the stacking tables, only to be mirrored in the pattern of the rug.  The comforting rhythm of linear to curve, back to linear.  The pendulous swing rocking us into a soothing design contentment.

In the example pictured, the combination of the curve and straight lines within this console’s doors sets the beat for the entire vignette. The pattern repeats once again, with the extremely angular outside silhouette of the wooden console. Those angles play off the curvaceous cushions adorning the quiet corner chair.

Continuing the echo of “curve + linear”, note the pattern repeating in the reflective mirrors hanging above the console, the details and shape of the lamp and finally the small side table – curves and line, curves and line, curves and line.

This consistent use of these contrasts creates the definition and interest that clever design eyes crave!

We fell in love with this chair and had to share!

Like the console above, below you can see again how the curved and linear lines in this chair join together, resulting in one outstanding piece that is certain to be a conversation starter.

Simply adding those radius lines to the arms and legs made for a huge impact in the overall design! These are the simple yet genius details that separate the “beginners” from those who are considered “seasoned” in our industry, moving the needle from good design to great design.

Dig deep from photo to photo, and we are certain your eyes will start to catch the patterns in each; that’s a trend for ya!

Our design company attends the Maison and Objet show in Paris for several reasons.  As an in-demand design team, we want to make sure we continually refill our creative design tanks and we do it by drinking in excellent design wherever and however we find it. 

Of course, we attend Maison and Object in search of new and exciting resources to bring to our lucky clients and this year’s show did not disappoint.  Exciting things coming!

And lastly, we attend the Paris Maison and Objet show to see what it foretells about trends, or even what it hints at as a “seed” of a trend about to sprout.

It’s this important “eye on design” knowledge we took with us when our team also attended the uber-important High Point Furniture Market in North Carolina a month after returning from Paris!

So yes, you guessed it…be on the lookout for our High Point market report (the high points from High Point!). We’ll showcase the trends we saw in the US Market in another blog series, even drawing some comparisons to the Paris show.

Do you think there is an overlap in interior design trends in the US with the interior design trends shown in Europe? Well…. You’ll have to tune in to see!

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