Color Trends 2020: Part 1

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From gorgeous base notes of black, navy, and green to heavenly neutrals, pinks, golds, and beyond, the color trends for 2020 and 2021 are incredible! So incredible that I can’t talk about them all in one blog. So, here in part 1, I’m talking about some old favorites that are experiencing a renaissance right now. I’m also giving you ideas about how to creatively integrate these gorgeous colors in your interior design color schemes.

Ground Your Space with Black or Navy

Rich colors like navy and black give substance to a room. They’re like the bottom note of a luxurious fragrance – they may not immediately capture your attention, but you notice their absence immediately. Even lighter color palettes benefit from one of these dark, grounding shades in small amounts. Black-and-white is having a moment, especially in kitchen design, and I expect that to continue into 2021.

For a slightly lighter look, navy is a fresh, strong alternative to black. It pairs delightfully with neutrals and pinks. And I know what you’re thinking: “Navy? Hasn’t that been done before?” Well yes, lovely, it has, but the color is taking on a new life. It’s very relevant these days and will be continuing for the long haul. Pair it with goldenrod to make the lighter color pop against its richness or use it as the base note of your room. Navy can be dressed up for a chic or preppy feel, or bring order to an eclectic design.

Greens: The Fifth Neutral

If the navy or black & white color trend isn’t right fo your interior design color scheme mojo, consider a shade of green instead. Green continues to grow and it works with just about any color palette and in any room. Some designers consider green the “fifth neutral.”

Soothing greens in various shades are showing up in every room, to include kitchens and meditation rooms. Exquisite emerald velvet can add a little vintage glam to your dining room or formal living room. A mid-tone of green is perfect for a gender-neutral bedroom… The beauty of green is that it’s genuinely one of the most versatile colors.

We’re starting to see a combo of emerald green and gray, which is, in my opinion, a fantastic color pairing. How unexpected and fresh!

Embracing Neutrals: Taupe and Cool Grey

Don’t discount taupe when designing your color palette. It’s a fantastic chameleon color with a tone that can shift with the other colors in the room. It can have a pinkish hue when combined with papaya or a luscious cabernet, or you can opt for a greige – a grayer tone of this perennial favorite.

Speaking of grayer tones, I must tell you: the great designers were designing with gray before it was ever a “hot color trend.”

Remember, a color trend is so much about HOW you use a color – not that you use it. “Is the gray trend dying?” is the common question. We aren’t seeing monochromatic interior design color schemes of all-gray rooms like we did several years ago.

Instead, we’re seeing gray as a continued important neutral in the full neutral palette – black, white, gray, brown, cream, tan. Bottom line Do not be afraid of gray – nuance it instead.

Taupe, is a designers’ chameleon color and answer to gray, gray, so help-us, gray.

As browns make their trend comeback, taupe is taking a larger place on the scene. It can go gray in some light, tan in others.

Add a base note of black, navy, or green, and you’re set!

Beyond Millennial Pink

Millennial pink definitely has continued to enjoy its moment. But we are now also seeing pink morphing on the trend forecast wheel – which you may love or hate.

This year, pink is also getting more saturated to include pinkier, rosy shades, yes even a bit of mauve, before going into earthier tones. Because it is such a powerful but polarizing color, I’m seeing pink continue in spaces that are strictly no-boys-allowed zones like girl-boss home offices, private dressing rooms, and bathrooms.

Remember, when choosing your color palette, choose what reflects your unique tastes! Confused about where to start? Contact us today!