Flooring Ideas for Your Home

Oh, the ignored, lowly floor. We walk on it, we drop things on it, kids spill on it, pets drag and drop mud -or worse -on it, we track in the outdoors onto it. Floor, be lowly no more. Here’s a quick primer if you are “building new,” planning your 2nd home or doing some updating.

Wood. Classic and natural, it is warm and easy on the knees. It doesn’t like water or to be installed below grade (basements that aren’t walk out…).  Select from solid plank or engineered. Click here for more information on wood floors.


Ceramic Tile. Where wood is warm, this is cool, cool, cool. Man made, tough, and the colors are endless.


Polished Stone (marble, granite). Tough as nails, slippery when wet, formal, elegant, pricey.

marble tile

Porous Stone (travertine marble, limestone, slate). Warmer, more slip resistant for baths, less formal than polished.


Terracotta tiles. Warm on the eye, hides dirt like no tomorrow, Mediterranean flavor.


Linoleum, vinyl (also called “Resilient Flooring”). Low maintenance,  lower cost, great below-grade and vinyl doesn’t mind water if properly installed.


Cork. Warm and soft and highly renewable. Doesn’t like water or high traffic. Great for kids’ playrooms.


I usually start most design projects with early thoughts about the floor. Do not ignore this 5th wall.