Custom Rug Inspirations

You know the old adage, “Buy it when you see it?” Well, I’d like to add, “Design it when you don’t see it.”

Come on over to my drawing board and see what I do with rugs I custom design to elicit specific responses within a room.
interior design

This is a tailored piece my wonderful custom piecer/sewer did for me – these slim gray stripes appear to basket weave together and are carved and beveled. It’s a spectacular square rug.

interior design

This rug is sensational and a star player in the room. I am able to work with this group to take any pattern they carry – or any pattern I can think of –  and have it completely custom colored. We selected precise shades of blue and sand. The rug is then hand tufted overseas (no child labor). Long lead time – well worth it. Great foot feel.

interior design

For a contemporary project, a client wanted something very different – I designed a kidney shaped rug with bold, wide asymmetrical stripes. The space is not finished, but you can see this great art piece rug and truly one of a kind.

custom faux leather bound Stark rug
Speaking of red, how about  a little faux leather border on a STUNNER of a rug from Stark Carpet. As good as you think this carpet feels underfoot, multiply that by 5,000.
interior design
This library gets a lot of interest on HOUZZ.  That rug is simply rolled goods right off the bolt and custom cut to size. Smashing result.

Don’t forget your 6th wall…the floor. Rugs are the keystone.

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