3 Top Reasons For Couples’ Decorating Stress

Men & Women in Decorating

Interior design or decorating, no matter what you call it, is by nature a high-stress sport. Tons of decisions, loads of hard-earned dollars and lots of effort and time, and yes, you too can have that gorgeous room or home you’re dreaming about. Delicious pursuit? You bet. Easy? No.

The only thing that can add to the strain inherent in any home decorating or renovation project is… adding a significant other to the mix. This is where stress levels really can soar, as confirmed by a recent survey conducted by Houzz.com.

How can you hedge your bets to insure you are not among the reported 1 in 2 couples claiming higher stress levels when “co-decorating?” Learn to navigate these common land mines and you’ll be way ahead of the game.

Money: Money is on every top 3 list for marital arguments. In design, where costs add up so quickly, it’s sure to be a hot button for you as a couple if finances already get you into battle grounds. The magic pill here is not budget avoidance. The answer I’ve discovered in my design practice working with couples is doing a Power Budget or Line Item Budget. It’s a tool we use to keep couples feeling at ease, in unison, in control and on top of the details. Power Budgets put everyone happily on the same page.

Control: Relationship experts have long agreed that power struggles are common in any intimate relationship. So if you and your better half have those common control issues or power struggles, expect to have them in design. Stay aware to steer clear.

Taste: No girls, he doesn’t have bad taste. And guys, her taste isn’t “crazy.” Table the taste discussion because “taste” is a subjective idea. The core issue I discovered through my years as a couples decorating specialist is that all people have different design fingerprints. Your DF is the sum total of all your particular cravings and aversions when it comes to how you need space ordered. Your DF boils down to how you need things handled like line, form, shape, color, texture, light, space and more. You have as much control of your DF as you do your blood type. Ignore someone’s design fingerprint in design, and the resulting room will be one that is literally uncomfortable for that person to spend time in, let alone live in. The great news for decorating couples though, is that once you uncover each of your unique design fingerprints, the common ground between you becomes so apparent. The results are authentically beautiful interiors you both love.

If you’re stressing as a couple in decorating, take heart. There are solutions. Hopefully, the above is all you need to get moving. And if you feel you want to invest with a design specialist who can quickly guide you around the bumps and common missteps, it would be my pleasure to take you under my wing. Just call the office to schedule a phone call with me today. Here’s to your happier, more beautiful home!