Newtown Lifestyle Feature: Backyards, Kids, and Eco-Friendly Design

Let’s dish about design! One of my favorite parts about writing for Newtown Lifestyle Magazine is that I get to sit down at my keyboard and share some of my favorite tips and tricks for impeccable home design. Lately, my articles have focused on renovations, practical advice, and creating engaging and sophisticated spaces indoors and out. I love inspiring others to create a beautiful home that they love being in – and that’s more important these days than ever!

Creating a Backyard Oasis

Here at IDH, we love outdoor spaces as much as indoor ones. In my article, “Backyard Oasis: How to Avoid Common Mistakes in Outdoor Design,” I guide readers through some of the biggest mistakes I’ve seen when homeowners choose to DIY-it rather than hire an interior design firm for their outdoor living spaces. 

In this article, I chat about how form follows function both indoors and out. The fact of the matter is, you must optimize the space – even outdoors – before you make it beautiful. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a jumble of elements that give you a headache instead of the sense of peace you were hoping for. (You’ll find the article link at the end of this blog post.)

Designing for Kids and Pets

For many of us, life includes sharing a home with our darling children and loving pets. I refuse to believe that adults have to avoid certain styles just because they have a young family or pets. Instead, you need to be strategic in the choice of materials.  My article, “Practical Design Advice for Families with Kids and Pets,” covers everything you need to know!

Not only do I help you avoid certain fabrics and materials if you have little ones running around, but I also include a list of pet and kid-friendly materials for your consideration. I believe you should feel empowered to create a home you love, no matter what stage of life you’re in presently. (You’ll find the article link at the end of this blog post.)

Ecofriendly Design

In this article, I tackle “Eco-Friendly Ways to Renovate Your Home.” The past year and a half have seen many of us – myself included – refreshing our homes. If you’re looking for ways to improve your environmental footprint, this article is a must-read.

Inside, I chat about solar panels, eco-friendly electronics, low VOC paints, and other ways you can improve your eco-friendliness (and, in some cases, your electric bill!) with some great choices in your renovations. A quick aside – if you’re exploring ways to live in a home that has a more of an environmentally green focus, a builder and an interior design firm who share your environmental priorities are essential.

Before you start any project, it’s important to understand your budget.  So, I invite you to download your copy of our Luxury Project Budget Checklist for Success for free. We are getting a great response to it!

Please read on to find links to all of the  well-received articles I mention above. I hope you love them too!

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