Luxurious Design Doesn’t Mean Living In a Museum

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You may have exquisite, beautiful rooms in your home – but if they go unused because they are too precious or the furniture is too delicate, it will make you feel like you’re living in a museum. That’s not luxury!

True luxury makes you feel indulged, supported, yes, even cared for, and welcomed every time you come home or walk in a room. True luxury comes from impeccable and strategic design – not necessarily from furnishing cost.

At Interiors by Donna Hoffman, our specialty is creating incredibly inviting, luxurious spaces that our clients can really live in and love living in. We call it “Livable Luxury.”

Livable Luxury

Livable Luxury means when we design interiors, we create gracious spaces that envelop you in the feeling that it is a wonderful treat to live there. It means when you walk into your home, you feel pampered and nurtured. We know our clients have children, grandchildren, pets, and houseguests, so we ensure fabrics and furniture are durably appropriate for the way they live. We never want something in your home to be “look but don’t touch!”

For example, recently, we designed a fabulous woman cave for a client who needed a place to focus, and get a little peace and quiet. When we were finished, every element in the room created a home space that  looked and felt AMAZING.

She couldn’t wait to set up her laptop and get to work. Her luxurious personal space suited her just perfectly. It was indulgent and beautiful, but it was also so inviting that she also couldn’t wait to curl up with a book on her wonderful new chaise. Her luxurious room felt so rich and life-enriching to be in, that her husband and 3 boys kept winding up in there. We were too good!

By focusing on elements that nurture her senses, our client feels supported when she walks in the room, and she truly relishes her time there to focus and recharge. We know from experience that when you have spaces that are luxurious and livable, it elevates your daily quality of life.

Quality over Quantity  

Livable Luxury isn’t just about the price tag either.

I’ve seen one-too-many rooms that were truly uncomfortable museum-like-spaces, though they were loaded with top price furnishings and design elements. Your over riding feeling in them was “where’s the exit?”

The Palace of Versailles is beautiful, but few of us would feel nurtured if we lived there!

We understand that indulgence and feel-good-factor is non-negotiable in design. We know the power of impeccable design strategy to deliver spaces that look and feel just SO.DAMNED.GOOD.

True LuxuryLuxury Interior Design Great Room

The very foundation of luxury is having your environment perfectly tailored to the way YOU live, and the way you want to feel.

Luxury is about having the precise things around you that you crave on a deep level and combining all of those elements – the large and the small – in a way that is so very beautiful.

True luxury is Livable Luxury.

It’s about having an environment that anticipates and delivers the myriad elements you need to enjoy your life, to be successful, to recharge, and enjoy time with the people you care about…to feel great in your own skin.