Yardley Designer Provides A Style Recap on the Maison & Objet Show in Paris Sept 2010

Bonjour mon ‘peeps.’ Ah…to have attended THE design “IT” show of the year that just happened in Paris just a few weeks ago. The Maison and Objet show happens twice annually in the backyard of all of the Louis’. But it’s the September Maison & Object show that many designers love to frequent. (Could it be September in Paris that is the greatest lure, perhaps?)

I’m certainly hoping to get there in 2011…but for now – let me share with you the trends spotted in home design at the recent show – both the good, the bad and the ‘what are you kidding?” by way of information shared by trusted industry guru and trend watcher- Hermine Mariaux.

The Trends at Maison & Object September 2011 Show:

Traditionalists you may now utter ….Let them eat Cake!
Minimalists…take a breath. It appears that not only is Traditional Back…but it is back with a nice dose of opulence. Hey – this is France after all…so let’s make that OP-U-LENCE.

*Think “Baroque” – carvings on mirrors, lamp bases and wall scones.
*Decorative Objects are in distressed woods, striped woods or finished in matte black…instead of the usual gold.
*Look for touches of tortoise finishes, sponged paint, lacquer, eggshell crackle.
* More is better, less is …well…less.
*And in that vein…

Chatcka Alert
OK Minimalists…now you may need an aspirin. Forget just the ‘accessory collections’ of days gone by. The trend setters at this show didn’t just do accessory collections. No. Au contraire. Instead, there were an array of “display walls” built into interiors and labeled “Cabinets de Curiosity” – built-ins specifically designed to hold, organize and showcase our what-nots and baubles. Yes, these are the elements that give our interiors their character, their spin, their fragrance. But this trend shows the art of the accessory now pumped up with a steroidal shot to become not just a collection – but rather “The Showcase Of The Accessory.” (My Aunt Lillian would have loved this one!)

Asian Influence Continues.
Everything from primitive facial masks to newly interpreted Chinese porcelain vases with incredibly bold floral decoration.

If I Could Talk With the Animals…
Animal themes in design were everywhere present.
*Equestrian themes
*Cobra (Love it all! As an aside, may I share that my once 2-year-old daughter looked me in the eye and said the great conviction “I no like animal prints.” I could only think, “Whose offspring is this?”)

So – birds and flying creatures are on the scene for some extra fancy by way of wall decor, decorative pillows, ornamental objects and… regrettably…taxidermy! (They lost me at taxidermy) 🙂 Thankfully, there is not a big call for taxidermy elements for this Bucks County interior designer…

Well mon chers – that is a brief summation of what you and I missed live in Paris a few weeks ago. Land of beautiful shoes, bon-bons, luscious fragrance, & women in high heels riding mopeds while looking quite comfortable doing so. Do you love the French,, or what?

Meet me in Paris next year???