Wisely Designed Master Bedroom Retreats

The master bedroom suite is the one location in your home that should be like an elixir in your day.  Upon entry. The cares of the world should fade as you’re surrounded by your own brand of authentic beauty and tranquility. At least, that’s the brass ring I shoot for in every master bedroom retreat I do for my clients. Here are some wise design considerations from this Bucks County designer.

1) Color as chameleon. I give equal thought to how the wall color will glow and wrap you at fading sunset as I do to how it will greet you upon your awakening in the new morning sun. As the light changes through your windows, I have to anticipate how your wall color (and mood setter) will shift, too. Undertone, saturation and depth of color…these are all part of the brew.

2) Color as all time favorite. Imagine being wrapped in a cloud of the most perfect fits-you-like-a-glove colors…floating in them, being lifted and carried to some perfect spot. No, this is not a guided meditation. This is the bullseye at which I aim as your designer when I carefully guide in the wise selection of your bedroom colors. Bedrooms are for dreaming. And for dreams come true. You should accept nothing less than your all time favorite colors in your master bedroom retreat.

3) Textures to indulge, soothe and whisper to your core. Whether getting your sexy on or falling off to blissful sleep…it’s the dance of textures that inspires deeply. Variety is so important. I search for the ideal variety and combination of textures to excite, relax, indulge and soothe. As to what happens next, this is a g-rated blog…you do the math.

4) Adequate bedside storage. Nothing kills ambiance more quickly than clutter. For my readers, there are baskets and bedside containers; for my workaholics, there are drawers and easy plug ins for computers. Excellent storage at the bedside is a must for all of those bedside things.

5) Something sexy. I search for some savvy, great looking unexpected or unique element. Custom bedding or a fantastic piece of sculpture. A light fixture that shimmers. A unique custom bench at the foot of the bed. Something sexy.Just to keep things fun, our team decided that this month, if you engage us for a master bedroom project this month, and we’d love to gift you with a certificate for a his and hers massage just to get you “in the mood” for, well, something perfect. Yes, master bedrooms are an art in and of themselves. All of the precious private time we spend in them, alone with our thoughts, alone with our beloved. Ah. Somebody pass hand me my neck roll and turn off the light.

Photos by David Van Scott