Where Does the Furniture Come From?

If you’re considering a custom interior designer, you may be wondering about one of the most frequently asked questions we get: Does our design team supply the furniture as part of the gorgeous room design?

The answer is yes! And trust me, once you see how thrilling and fun the process can be, you’ll never want to buy your own furniture again. Here’s why:

Custom Interior Designer Luxury Furniture

Wider Selection

We have access to a vastly wider selection of luxury furniture and accessories offered by manufacturers, showrooms and interesting-find workrooms that are available exclusively to the trade.

Imagine trying to furnish your dream home (or dream room) with only the furniture you – and everyone else – sees in catalogs or retailers near you. It would be impossible! Furniture retailers carry limited and not always on-the-pulse furniture inventory, inventory they HAVE to clear from their sales floor.

But we have total flexibility and the perfect resources, carefully selected for each client. Each resource is selected based upon how it will serve your budget, your style, your needs and cravings.

What better way to break out of the next me-too room? And, what better way to bring a design experience to our clients that they find fascinating and fun?

Imagine Easy Shopping

As your interior design firm, we have access to a nearly infinite variety of furniture and accessories. We can take you to perfectly selected showrooms or unusual treasure troves in Philadelphia and New York. We bring it all to you – sharing images, fabric and wood samples from all over the country and beyond – in the comfort of your own home.

Don’t worry about getting overwhelmed by choices. Thank to our unique design fingerprint process, we will determine up front how you will enjoy working on your project. And, because our design fingerprint process enables our team to anticipate what you love, clients are always amazed at the precision of choices we bring to them.

Many new clients prefer a blend of showroom and in-home experiences. After their initial creative presentation, they opt for a single shopping trip just so they can enjoy the thrill of trade-only, white-glove showrooms and workrooms. This trip also allows us to see how you sit in various furniture manufacturers and how you need to be supported so we can ensure the perfect fit!

Custom Interior Design Luxury Furniture

Better Quality

We have been working for years to identify a vast and valuable network of resources to serve our clients and their respective budgets. These luxury furniture and accessory manufacturers and workrooms have garnered our confidence through years of working together. Or, if they are a newer discovery, we’ve done the vetting for you.

By contrast, many of today’s furniture retailers have changed under the weight of various market pressures, antiquated business models and non-client-centric systems. The result has been a discernible nose-dive in customer service and, even worse, highly unpredictable product quality.

There is no worse feeling as a buyer than seeing a 4-month-old sofa with seams that are opening up, cushions that are shifting or table finishes that are chipping. Because we source the furnishings for you, we ensure that the customized, luxury design we create is perfect for your lifestyle.

We know our manufacturers. This is why we can ensure you’re getting top quality furnishings that, when properly maintained, will last and retain their beauty and practicality for many years. And, should the unexpected occur at your end, we can steward your repair.

It’s All About the Curated Whole

Big box stores simply do not offer the assortment or flexibility that leads to the amazing spaces you see on Pinterest and beyond. Choosing furniture with a design team that understands your design fingerprint – who you are in design, what you want and need, what’s important to you in the short term and the long term – is a game changer. These are just a few of the things that allow clients to sleep well at night.

And, of course, there is the thrill that comes on reveal day – when you walk into your newly appointed room or home. Just last week, we had a client say say over and over, “Oh. My. Gosh. Donna! This is stupendous! I can’t believe I live here… I never imagined it could be this good.”

With IDH, we use our carefully selected resources and marry them to our carefully crafted process so we can create the rooms and homes that gorgeously level up the way our clients live at home.

If you’re ready for a room or whole-home redesign, call us today at 215.736.8693.