When Interior Design Becomes Inferior Design

Turning a room into an excellent looking room is a lot harder than it looks. Here’s my “Top 5 Recipe” if you absolutely want to screw it up ;). Follow these tips to come up with categorically inferior design.

  1. Follow a single trend to an extreme
  2. Buy it all in one store or catalog
  3. Assume you can do as it as well or as wisely as a pro because you watch HGTV
  4. Hire the wrong pro who doesn’t listen or understand deeply what you crave but cannot articulate easily
  5. Pay no attention to quality and always look to buy the cheapest thing in all categories rather than investing in one or two “quality” pieces within your budget range

Interior design is like ice skating. It looks a lot easier than it actually is. Inferior design is lurking around the corner just waiting to eat your hard won dollars – so proceed with caution.  Find the right designer who can guide and advocate on your behalf. Even if your budget will allow for only a few hours of her time rather than having her complete the job, it’s better than nothing (and some designers love these small consulting jobs).

In the end, the  dollars invested in a designer’s skill set will come back to you manifold in both end result, wisely invested dollars, beauty & function and long term pleasure.