The Power of the Pillow

Ah, the power of the pillow. That little stuffed shape can move color and shape into space so masterfully for such a little creature. It can put the perfect finishing touch on that top price point luxe sofa as easily as it can dress up that budget pressed entry price point couch to make it look more like it’s pricier designer cousin. Whether used in 2s, 4s, 5s or singles, this Bucks County designer loves her pillow(s).Take a look:

The Power of One

One is not the loneliest number if you make that one pillow make a statement piece with fabric or shape. Check out this high estrogen ladies study. That is one powerful pillow and a great accent the room. Benefit is you don’t have to move it to sit on the sofa. Clients love this move, too because it reduces the budget needed for custom pillows, plural. One is after all…just one.

The Beautiful Bolster

Gosh, I love these. A bolster pillow is a stuffed cylinder basically. They are particularly high impact when used with a tuxedo arm or an english arm sofa. I advise that you avoid using with a sock arm. Bolsters create wonderful upholstered “architecture” and can all but reinvent a tired sofa shape.

Odd Numbers and Odd Shapes

When clients ask for a cozy plush spread of pillows, my mind jumps to the wonderful power of 5 and I know, too that I’ll be varying shape. Take a look at this come hither spread of pillows, the star of which is a custom sized, off sized, and oversized oblong pillow. The only thing missing from this scene is a pool boy named Chip fanning you and feeding you grapes.

For more info on pillows, to include how to get mileage out of them plusĀ  a fun look at their history, click here.