The Joy of Gray

Why do so many people associate the color gray with the blahs, the blues or the ultimate in a depressing day? Need I remind you of that most marvelous, most precious metal…platinum? Or the mother of all gems, the diamond? Or the color of the vein that runs through pricey Carerra marble?

Delicious Gray – used well – infuses a space with a little sexy, with a little chic, with a little grounding or with a little “I’m hardly even trying” cool.

For a sexy master bedroom retreat. I can create a haven that is restful and sexy by taking butter and cutting it with midtone and light gray and a splash of vanilla. Heaven.

For hip first apartment. What young professional Gen-Y’er wouldn’t get her groove on with faintly heather gray walls, smoky gray velvet sofas and splashes or turquoise in pillows and draperies.

For the man study that is high octane and high-end. Amidst deep walnut-stained built in cabinets and handsome writing desk, sits a pair of soft gray velvet club chairs in a solid or better yet, in a gray pinstripe.  We would nestle all this in soft navy walls and white trim from chair rail and below…can you say CEO?

In other words — gray is the new brown, or the old-new-black (or tan). Gray is the cool neutral that calms and quiets its dance-partner colors and adds an “I’m not even trying urban chic” vibe to just about any space. Are we out of the “gray” area here? 🙂