The Beauty of Sisal (rugs!)


It seems like everybody nowadays is or has been drinking Agave nectar. Well, I’m not. But maybe some of you are!  Even if you haven’t yet tried it, it’s a good bet that you’ve at least seen the ingredient listed in health drinks. Well – your designer is here to tell you that the sweet agave plant brings us another gift…sisal. Since the floor is one of my starting reference points in a project, let’s consider the Sisal Rug.

sisal rug pottery barn
Pottery Barn Sisal Rug

Where it comes from:
The Agave plant is one that likes wet, hot climates – think Asia, the Caribbean, South America and parts of Africa. Since man (and woman!) has always used first items in the natural environment when it comes to food or decoration, no wonder then that sisal  is a texture we’ve come to associate with design that smacks of Latin America, parts of Asia and Africa. Oh yeah – and Pottery  Barn & Restoration Hardware. Why? Because good design is good design. Today we are all more or less an eclectic hybrid in our tastes, responding to elements that have their roots in all parts of the shrinking globe. Sisal is a classic, with a history of a many centuries. Today, Brazil is a major producer.

Hey – if it comes from a plant – can I walk on it?

You sure can. Contrary to popular belief, sisal is quite durable. It’s far stronger than other natural fibers like jute or hemp. Like wool, sisal is also fire retardant and hypoallergenic.  Because its renewable, sisal is a great green choice as well. Stylistically, sisal is a great neutral and can be woven into a myriad of patterns and does come in a range of colors as well. As a designer, I can just as easily specify the right sisal rug in a hip sunroom or fresh conservatory (expected choices, I grant you) as I can put it into a chic and fabulous dining room filled with $100,000 worth of chic Baker furniture. As always with professional designers, it’s all in the brave and artful combination of elements. Sometimes…you gotta agave.

sisal rug pottery barn 2
Pottery Barn Sisal Rug in Dining Room

Little Tidbit:

P.S.  Know what else you can turn agave into?  Do I hear Tequila?