The $250,000 Mistake: (When Doing a Home Addition)

Peeps, this will be brief because I’m in the middle of client appointments, but great things come in small packages…like this brief post. Had to jot down these words….it’s all just too serendipitous!

True Story: Just met a couple who made a $3,500 mistake – which will amount to more like an $90,000 mistake. They placed the sliding glass door in their sun room addition in the worst possible location for the way they wanted to use this room. The result – they now have to now compromise their furniture placement and thus the room will not function as they had initially ‘dreamed.’

Woulda, coulda, shoulda.

True Story: Met with a family not too long ago who were finishing up an extensive 2 story renovation…and they were EX-CI-TED! “They wanted more space! They were so excited to have more space! Couldn’t wait to host their Superbowl parties now!” Yes. They sure got more space. They were excited, yes. That is, until we began our design work together and it became apparent that given the new family room’s footprint and window location – there was forced an unnaturally long and uncomfortable viewing distance to their TV. Furniture placement in total was actually a little challenging. This addition had to have cost at least $250,000. I thought this nice man was going to cry. His dream room…his dream addition….not as he’d dreamed.

True Story: I just met with a family that decided to ‘add extra windows all over the place’ in their newly constructed home. They do not yet know the kinds of difficultly they created for themselves when it comes time to do window treatments to controll all of this sun and create some privacy. If only they had been set just a little differently…small changes can bring great rewards.

How much time have you got there sweet reader? I have more stories….all with the same ending.

The bottom line is this: Wise Design makes for lasting interiors: Excellent choices yield excellent results – and all of this makes for wise dollar expenditure. Therefore, if you know anybody even THINKING about doing a home renovation or an addition….tell them to run…do not walk…to my upcoming teleseminar on September 15th called: HOW TO DO A ADDITION: GET IT RIGHT & AVOID THE OVERWHELM. Head to the seminars page on my web site to follow the easy registration instructions.

Can’t make it that night? Sign up anyway and receive a recording of this info-packed-wished-they-knew-what-I-knew hour long program. From how to avoid the mistakes to what things will cost to how to control the process so it doesn’t control you…. I wish these clients had attended! “See you” on the call.