Shore up Your Home: Quick Fixes for Home Spaces

Back in the New York metropolitan area where I grew up, we went to the beach. Here in the great County of Bucks in Pennsylvania, people seem to go “down the shore.” Well, it’s raining on this hot summer day, so there is no “shore” in my future today. Instead, let me help you finetune some of your home spaces by suggesting easy interior design tips to shore up your home that are easy enough to do yourself.

The Kitchen


Heart of your home. This is the epicenter of family life and guest visits alike. It’s around this table that stories are told, Life plans are made, children are taught, prayers sometimes said and delighted laughter shared. When I align the function and beauty here, all of the activities that occur in it benefit as well. Here are some kitchen enhancements you can think about.

Shore Up:  Make sure you have the right colors here – the ones you love. Be sure storage is ample AND organized so that things are stored where you need them. If not, cull down (read: throw away!) and reorganize making it so. Ensure ideal seating even if you have to consider swapping some chairs for a bench. And do your kitchen this favor:  REMOVE at least two accessories and watch things open up.

The Family Room

Ah, the Play and Share Space of the home. It’s here that we gather with family and friends, watch a great game with pals, snuggle up with the paper or good book or gather round for family movie or game night. And let’s not forget that rejuvenative Sunday afternoon nap.

Shore Up:  I always like to have a soft, fluffy throw stored here for clients, or keep one beautifully draped over the arm of a chair to make snuggling in even easier. Create storage for all of the kids’ items so that when it’s adult time, you can get some. Opt for a love seat and sofa rather than two club chairs with a sofa if nap time is high on your list – great for his and hers cat naps over the Sunday Times. Make fabrics on upholstery touchable and soft to the skin. Do this room a favor – update all of the lamps and remove all your accessories and then reload all but six.

The Master Bedroom

Your Inner Sanctum. This is the space that like no other in your home should still the incessant beating of the world’s endless drum. Your core should open and relax here. Whether you want to get your sexy on or snuggle up with a good book, this space should feel picture perfect to you.

Shore Up:  New bedding will reinvent this space. Consider either an upholstered bench at the end of the bed, or a small arm chair in the room for a convenient place to perch. Re-invent a tired bedroom set with an upholstered headboard or consider adding a demi-canopy. As ever, if budget allows, go custom on these items for the greatest pay off. I’m always in favor of a lamp update here. And do clear off those nightstands.

The Children’s Room

The Image-i-narium of your home! Young minds, unfolding souls. Do you remember your childhood room? It was here that you dreamed your dreams and planned your plans. Crayon magic and make believe eventually gave way to adolescent hopes, wishes and wonderings if the world would make a place for us once we flew the nest.

Shore Up:  Let the young have their spaces. For little ones, add new bedding in their favorite theme and select a fresh new wall color that can “morph” into their more grown up room. For tweens and teens, create zones for rest, for homework and for entertaining a pal or two. Give kids plenty of input into their room’s design. Need an inexpensive window treatment? Purchase a ready made valence and a contrast grosgrain ribbon. Then hire your favorite tailor to attach the ribbon just above the hem of the valence. If need be, call in a pro to show you how to take their young dreams and put them into plausible and long-term-staying-power design.

Treat these spaces with the care and respect you would any sacred spot in the garden. After all, it’s in your home that you “grow” your family and your Life.  Design is powerful and abundant. Use her well and enjoy the fruits of her yield for many seasons. Of this I am “shore.”