Room Makeover Ideas for Wise Design

Ever have one of those days when you look around a room – or possibly your home – and in a moment of exasperation you see only what’s wrong, sigh and want to “get rid of it all and start over”?

Cut it out.

I’m serious. When you look at a room, you see what’s there. As a designer, when I look at a room, I see what’s possible. So relax and take a breath and consider these easy ideas that can impactfully alter what is already in your home…in marvelous ways:

Pick 3

Yes, start with only 3 elements you might want to upgrade, freshen up or replace. The sofa that is annoying takes on new life if sitting against a new wall color. Next, some great custom pillows to move color through the space in a new way (that’s 2) and lastly, a new area rug on what in essence is the 5th wall of the room – and presto – room made-over. You’ll be surprised. One new element in a room is powerful on its own. Pick 3 and watch out! Pick 3:  lighting, window treatments and new club chairs. Start with 3: new bedding, new bed-side lamps and window treatments. You get the point.

Accessories Make The Woman
…and the room! First remove every accessory, throw pillow and piece of art. Next decide what goes back in and what does not. Borrow from other rooms.  Hang artwork in new ways and locations. Try a new accent pillow color or shape. A total accessory overhaul when done correctly throws a powerful punch to update, refresh and make-over a room. Clients are amazed.

Change the Wall Color

I’ve said this before, but painting a room is the single biggest change – as well as biggest-bang-for-the-buck change you can make in a room. Be bold and step out. Consider a fabulous grass cloth paper; create a framed accent wall of paper, don’t ignore ceilings. Your walls are the enveloping canvas of any room.

So there are 3 ideas to get you started. We love doing quick room make-overs for clients and the results are always stellar – and for me as a designer, I love the immediate gratification that comes from eliminating furniture ship dates and delays.

Hey…send me a photo of your most recent design room-makeover challenge or triumph – I’ll post it and I’ll give you some pointers.