Re-Upholstering: Like Botox for Your Upholstery

Face lifts aren’t just for faces. Take a look at the gorgeous transformation this ottoman underwent. It morphed from vintage shabby chic to an organic, understated sophistication.


There’s a lot of debate on reupholstering. Clients always want to know if it’s more cost-prudent. Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Sometimes, it’s a wash. That’s a discussion you need to have with your designer so she can guide you appropriately on the particulars of your project.

Here are some things to consider:

  • If you’re thinking of reupholstering something that already has the right shape and size for your project – what would it cost in design time and new purchase costs to find a similar or better item at retail or make something custom from scratch?
  • Does the existing item in question have any sentimental value?
  • Is the frame in good condition?

By reupholstering, will you enjoying knowing that you have spared the landfill from yet another discarded item?

In the case of this ottoman, the answers to these questions came up with a resounding – – – affirmative to reupholster. One look at it and you know that my client and I are so glad we did. This delicately scaled ottoman is the perfect accent in her cozy sitting room and hide-away just off her master bedroom. Best of all, nobody will ever look at my client’s face and wonder, “Did she just have some work done?” No, but the ottoman did!