Paint That Conducts Electricity

bare electric paint

Keeping an eye on design trends and innovation is a never ending process for a designer. Every now and again, one of the resources I look to for on-going updating will report something that makes me think…blog post! Ever considered paint that conducts electricity?

According to the folks at Trendease, you could start seeing this come to market. Picture something like “paintable wire” that can bring the surfaces or objects around you to life. Bare Paint is working with an innovative technology that is pretty much like a wiring graphic. For example, it can be drawn onto the wall with a special paint in order to connect to LEDs to create a “Pop On Lighting Chandelier.”

Mind boggling!

What are the other potential applications for residential and commercial use? How about a wallpaper with subtle lit accents to cast a glow in a dining room when “turned on?” How about a ceiling of stars in a child’s room or a feature wall of the something “glam-a-licious” and diva-lit in a teenage girl’s room? Maybe a simple lit accent run at the top line of a wall just under a crown molding – what a great way to add some snap to a trendy clothing boutique!

Mind you, I’ve no idea when this coming to market, how difficult or easy an application it actually is or will be or how cost prohibitive it will be.  But as I always say when taking a blog break….a girl can dream, can’t she?