Movie Interior Design Inspiration: Mr. and Mrs. Smith

This is a movie that requires love – love of Angelina Jolie, love of Brad Pitt or love of action shoot-em-up movies. I’ve none of those things, though I did think the movie’s commentary on marriage was creatively entertaining for the first 40 minutes. But for me, the truly great part of this movie was the icy, moody interior design of the house these two love-hate lovebirds share as they try to murder each other.

Mr-Mrs-Smith hallway

Raise your hand if you looove the light fixture in this sleek foyer. Now raise your hand if you think you can afford that light fixture. (My hand is down, too.) No matter that this is the land of make-believe, let’s get two. That interesting molding detailing around the entry off the foyer is a Vetruvian molding, with that little shoulder. Nice.


Look at this dining room – ice dripping from the ceiling and walls in the marvelous light fixtures, angular sculptural chairs, shades of dark and darker, not an ounce of uplift or warmth. I mean, come on. This room is great!


This kitchen is all show. It’s for the non-cook, the non-family – it’s a shimmery, shiny, frozen gem of a kitchen. It’s marvelously well done, BUT…an exposed garbage pail in a kitchen like this?? I think not…this is a garbage compacter kitchen. Love the tile detail up the wall – that’s a great flourish in a powder room, too, by the way.


And lastly – the living room. Star of the room? That chandelier. Unexpected element that works amidst this sea of detached modern? The swag and jabot window treatments, and in this room, I actually like them. 2nd in line of the unexpected traditional element is the bookcase on the far left. This room is a great play of opposites. And those couches! No Sunday napping happening there – but who cares? Sure you’ll be tired, but how great will you look sitting upright in them?

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