Make Your Living Rooms…Live!

Ah the poor living room. Once used as the “parlor” for receiving esteemed guests, today it is relegated in many homes to the lowly status of a rarely-used, oft-never-completed room. We might as well call it the “What-Do-We-Do-With-This-Room?” room.
reverendo-lr-before-afterIt has become “The Dead Room,” but I say…let those living rooms…live! You paid for that square footage – reclaim and re-invigorate it. That’s what we did here.

reverendo living room library 2

This dark living room was uncomfortable to spend time in and felt small to the owner. My client is a very busy professional, mother and wife and she wanted the following 3 things:
A living room where she and her own mother and sisters could happily congregate when the extended family gathered and the men folk watched a ball game.
A sexy, peaceful sanctuary where she could retreat to work on her laptop, organize the family’s life and paperwork – or just relax and read the paper.
She wished her home was bigger.
Wish granted!

First we wrapped the room in glazed, slightly distressed French vanilla custom cabinetry. In strong contrast, the iron hardware is intentionally beefy and the city-chic rug boasts a striking Moorish pattern. The cabinetry lines in total are restrained and clean and the storage capacity is huge…from files to printers to binders to overflow china from the dining room.

Office Space

We built a cozy niche in which this sexy chocolate brown armless sofa nestles. It’s almost like an oversized slipper chair! Hanging above it, we reframed and totally reinvented a favorite wedding portrait. The room is topped off with a barrel shaped, industrially-inspired iron chandelier. Talk about a sexy space.

Office:Living Space

Simple banded architectural roman blinds echo my client’s favorite chocolate brown that has begun to whisper through her home. We used color to make her living room/library look larger and also to connect the room to the back of her home so that the whole house feels larger.

Invest in a living room revival of your own and exponentially increase your enjoyment of every inch of your home. We have a sketch pad in hand and fresh perspectives waiting for you!