Luxury Home Offices in Bucks County PA!

Forget the luxury bath.

Well….on second thought. Don’t forget it. Just tell it to move over. It’s got company.

Enter…the Luxury Home Office. Yum. These sumptuous home office work spaces boast rich surroundings designed to create ease and comfort. They are marvelous and something of a speciality of mine. Perhaps because I understand how they enhance quality of life, productivity and creativity for the lucky occupant.


In the 135 mile-an-hour Life we all live called “21st Century Living”, one of the greatest things we can do for ourselves, our vitality, our mental health, our sense of well being and quality of life….and for our iPhone, our iPads, our louder-faster-funnier computers, is to bring forth our own little slice of heaven in our work space. What a treat to bask in – let alone function in – our own luxury home office.

More and more Americans are working from home today. From telecommuting part or full time as part of the new virtual worker force, to running a business from home…perhaps a primary or secondary business….to taking work home with us because our work flow has increased due to company lay offs…more and more of us are spending more and more very real hours in our home offices. No wonder we are outgrowing the callous-creating ‘fit’ provided by haphazardly created home offices. These are the home offices of the recent past, complete with particle board assembled desks and file cabinets, topped off by the well-used peg board on the wall. Chaos and clutter reign and the aesthetic needed to make us feel comfortable, comforted, supported, invigorated, centered, focused and energeized…well…it just isn’t there. (Pictured here – a ‘before shot’)


So for the multitude of the “Successful, Busy or On-The Go” who are holed up in their home offices and wishing they could escape those very same office spaces, I love to guide these clients in creating what I call luxury home offices.

Imagine an environment where everything you need is directly at hand where and when you need it, right down to the location of the post it notes and a particular work binder. This is not accident – this is excellent design. Function, function, function. The benefit? Speed, efficiency, energy level and clarity rise. Imagine if you are clutter sensitive – as many aesthetically attuned clients are – that the clutter is gone…everything in its place and a place for everything. Efficiency rises further – as does “the pleasure factor” or the “feel good factor” in doing your work…but there’s more.

Imagine now too that this fictitious office so appeals to your particular and unique inner design cravings – so appeals to your ‘interioity – the way you need to optimally feel and function in a space aesthetically. Imagine that your work space looks and feels exactly as you most need and love…right down to the placement of the last pattern, color and texture. Do you know the feeling you get when you walk into a marvelous home, hotel, or other interior that inspires you? Or an interior you look forward to spending time in? Imagine THAT feeling in your life – every day…each and every day…when you enter your office to begin your work day.


The result of creating your dream home office? People love to spend time in these work spaces…but not only to ‘work.’ Clients report sneaking in to relax and unwind during ‘off hours’ as well. The luxury home offices I design for my clients…you may also call them ‘studies” – run across a range of budgets. But one thing is sure, they must feel, function and look marvelous. People feel more energized, more focused, uplifted and even more relaxed while working in the right space. Take a look at this in-process luxury home office…we’re almost done …this shot was taken just moments after the window treatments were installed.

*Perfect built ins to hold all that is needed & all is placed where it’s most needed.

*Beloved objects are built into the scene to enhance beauty, serenity, warmth and charm like her favorite painting. (I must ask her to lower it however…)

*Glass doors can be used in built-in cabinetry to increase the sense of window, as well as light and ‘breadth’ in the office.

*Occupant is oriented in the office for maximized views and comfort to inspire creative thinking and focused work flow.

*Ruched (gathered) fabric inside the glass panel doors reduces the sight of the clutter….ah…can you feel your brain power kick up a notch as the clutter fades?

*Fabrics are very carefully chosen to sooth the Soul of the office’s inhabitant. This client tends to love monochromatic, quiet color palettes.

*Window treatments are specifically chosen to create the mood, charm, feeling and energy a client wishes for…sheers offer veiled privacy when desired. Here – the client wanted a little romance and whimsy. No problem!

*Furnishings are selected to support efficiency – but also beauty, comfort and rest.

Sure, a luxury bath is great for that 10 minute daily shower. But think of the hours-upon-hours we spend in our home offices. Talk about a great return on your design dollar! Contact me for help planning or executing your perfect “oh-if-only” Luxury Home Office. I’m glad to help you create that dream office. In the mean time…I’ll retire back to mine. Ahhhhhh….