Kravet Upholstery Summer Opportunity -Wink. (That’s Code for SALE!)

I’m distracting myself here in my studio from a pile of paperwork with some deep thought.

I have decided that if I were to marry a piece of upholstery…it’d have to be Kravet. It’s true. What a catch. What a looker. Kravet has all of the attributes a girl could want in an upholstery husband – to include:

*Great to snuggle with, in, on or into. Husbands (of my clients!) get a look of intense AHHH when they sit on any single silhouette for the 1st time. Wives do too (of my clients!). This phenomenon continues throughout the Kravet showroom as they pop from silhouette to silhouette to test them. Never seen anything like this on ANY other piece of upholstery. Ever. Not like this.

*Kravet is the rock of Gibraltar of all upholstery…stands steady in any storm. It’s the upholstery husband you can truly lean on through thick and through thin. It also wears like a tank and will look newer for longer than any other upholstery you own. (I know from personal experience.)

*Kravet upholstery is flexible. It will never aggravate you. You can customize every ounce of the silhouette you could imagine…like building your own car. From 2 cushions to 3 or change out every arm, leg, & back. “Honey, I don’t want to change you….I love you just the way you are.” Yeah, sure! That may need be true for the the man in my Life in order to perserve our mariage – but my Kravet husband…him I change…and he takes it. And he LIKES it. 🙂

*Kravet upholstery is sexy. (I’m blushing…but it’s is.). He is available in some some gives-you-the-chills sexy shapes, (Eye candy). Plus, I can drape ‘him’ in any delsih fabric you can imagine, choosing from a mind boggling assortment that tops 3,000 fabrics. Whip cream, schmip cream. Who needs it?

AND BEST OF ALL (here’s the sale part) – July 1 -August 31, 2010 – there’s a special summer promotion. I can happily whisk you to the Kravet showroom with me here in Philly to meet my “lovah” – and you can buy your own ‘lovah’ there too….discounted by 15%. (included frame fabrics not part of the promotion.)

The downside? All husbands have one…even if every so minor and microscopic. (Have to butter up my guy in case he’s reading this blog…hello Steven.)

Kravet is not priced like Mealy’s, Thomasville or Ethan. Forget Aikea. Higher, girl, higher. Nope – a little higher than that even. Like any good marriage – Kravet will “cost you.” But…the rewards? They are great.

I look at it this way – budget allowing. Aside from the reasons aforementioned, you can either pay now – or pay later. Pay less for a sofa now, and expect it to look and feel pretty iffy in 2-4 years in that family room – and – have to divorce it in year 5 because “you just can’t take it anymore!” Or pay at least 20% more upfront for that chair or sofa at Kravet…but enjoy a blissful 10-15 year upholstery-marriage. Maybe longer depending on the kind of wife you are. These babies are BUILT. (And no…Vanguard is not built to the same standard by the same people…mere gossip.) And thanks to Kravet’s summer promotion….your bride-to-be dollars will go a little further. Oh Kravet. I do!

Promo period ends August 31st…give me a call if you’d like to check it out.

Note: Kravet Upholstery will not wipe down the counters, put ‘the seat down’, or vaccuum. But a girl can’t have everything. It also won’t snore….and it doesn’t have a crazy family. (Not yours Steven! OTHER hypothetical husbands…those other people….)