Ideal Home Offices For Creating Greater Work/Life Balance

Man or woman…what would you give for better Work-Life Balance? What would you give to be able to enjoy your work more, to be more focused while working, and to get your work done with greater flow? What if your home office was literally a haven? What if you functioned so optimally there that you could actually leave your home office sooner each day to do more of the other things you really love and find meaningful in your life?

Interiors by Donna Hoffman/Photography by David Van Scott

This is what we do for lots of busy, successful and on-the-go people. Whether you’re a busy professional or the CEO of Home, a High Performance-High Pleasure Home Office makes life feel, flow and function more easily.

Statistics show that more than 20% of individuals work virtually nowadays, whether telecommuting full or part time. So what’s the secret to harnessing our best energy (and our best selves) to make our working  from home a high-performance, high pleasure experience?

When it comes to Office Design, everybody focuses primarily on Work Function. How much file space; where does the scanner go; are you a righty or lefty;  what are your lighting needs and so forth. All are important pieces in this puzzle.

Interiors by Donna Hoffman/Photography by Casual Candids

But here’s the rub. Unless you are also tightly wrapped around your Aesthetic Function needs, and we all have them, you will be in big trouble in your office.  Your aesthetic functional needs are literally your aversions and cravings in an interior environment:  what do you absolutely need loaded and layered into an interior in order to feel absolutely great in it.

For some clients, the mere placement of pattern on the floor would make them jittery. For one  client, full folds of fabric at the window calms and soothes,  but for another that same idea is nails-on-a-chalkboard bad. You are programmed  with distinct aversions and cravings on everything from color to light to shape to texture to pattern and so on. Yes, even men.

Interiors by Donna Hoffman/Photography by David Van Scott

Be Wise in Design. You want to increase your work life balance, your satisfaction while tending to your work, your sense of focus and creativity and flow while working? Be very wise. We are all complex. Our functional work space needs come in two forms – the procedurally driven, PLUS the more  ephemeral dynamic of how you feel in an interior due to its make-up and yours. Ignore this…and you will have an expensive mistake on your hands…not to mention a home office you’ll dread walking into and look forward to leaving.  Make your office a haven. We can show you how. And, as a special gift for this month, engage us in January for a home office project and we’ll gift you with two hours with a professional organizer to help you cull down your office systems or clutter…on us. Yes, you can have an ideal home office that will enhance work life balance and we can help.

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