How To Survive Doing An Addition or Home Renovaton

Or should I say, How to Survive Doing and Addition or Home Renovation…without taking aspirin… hitting that bottle of scotch and hitting it hard…or just sticking a fork in your eye.

Oh peeps. If I had a dime for every client I’ve met with AFTER they’ve done their addition only to find that they:


*Created a room with the wrong shape to accommodate their design dreams,

*Created architectural blockades to using the space as they had dreamed and hoped,

*Created a window nightmare…

to name just a few things!

If I had a time for all of these times…I’d have a lot of dimes. I’ve seen grown men nearly cry as they came to realize with me the grim reality that they had just proudly had built a $150,000 new room – or a $250,000 new room that is…well…wrong. Full of mistakes…and just not working right. A $250,000 3-6 month mistake. And a mistake that will just keep on ‘giving.’ Ouch.

Sure I’ve got my designer bag of tricks, my brains, my ingenuity and when all else fails – a little magic sparkle fairy dust, but peeps…there are limits to CORRECTIVE design. And hey – why CORRECT when you’re building from scratch? Why not build right the first time – get it right, avoid the overwhelm, spend your dollars wisely. I love wise design.

When I can spend meaningful time with clients BEFORE they put nail to wood – hopefully before they meet with their design/build firm or architect – and a few times during the course of the project…Oh the things we can achieve.


If you’re even thinking of doing a home renovation or addition…or if you know somebody else who is – you’ll want to head to my web site and register for the great teleseminar I’m doing in September called, appropriately…”HOW TO DO AN ADDITION: GET WHAT YOU WANT AND AVOID THE OVERWHELM.” Join me and learn my ‘aggita’ saving techniques; hear from a builder with his own inside scoop to save you headache and hassel…Plus…have the pleasure of picking our brains before and during the call about your own project questions! We’ll get you to where you need to go…to include helping you determine if moving is even right for you.

I am so excited about this event! Be sure to head to the website to check it out – and do send everyone you know who might be heading toward the Construction Octopus to the web site as well.

Great design happens thanks to Great Decisions. I’ll get you there peeps. You know I will 🙂