Great Interior Design Quotes

“Easy come, easy go, Alice.” These are the wise words of slob-sage Ralph Kramden from The Honeymooners. Ralph may have had his short points – but when you really think about some of the things he said…sometimes…the man had a point.

I love quotes. If you read my biweekly newsletter – you already know that I like quotes a lot and I like equally quotes on personal growth and inspiration as well as on interior design. Quotes, like good poetry, can say something large in a small space.

Here are a few of my favorite Interior Design Quotes. Dig deep and listen – and you’ll glean some great design advise. You tell me which one is your favorite.

….for the woman of few words:
“Control, edit & distill.”
– Van Day Treaux (This is brilliant advise for those smart enough to listen.)

…for the grump with perhaps a point:
“I don’t like amusing rooms.”
– Marian Hall (I threw this in because frankly, I found it….amusing!)

. . . for the ….oh…well, I’ll let you categorize the rest!
“I believe in optimism & plenty of white paint.”
– Elsie De Wolfe

“You can never achieve anything in a house unless you have things that have been passed down and you find a place for them yourself.”
– Sister Parish

“Crossing too many t’s and dotting too many i’s makes a room look overdone and tiresome. One should create something that fires the imagination without overemphasis.”
– Nancy Lancaster.

“An interior is the natural projection of the soul.”
– Coco Chanel

“Remember, color is not just color, but mood, temperature and structure.”
– Van Day Treux

“Decorating is the art of arranging beautiful things, comfortably.”
– Billy Baldwin

“Ceilings must always be considered. They are the most neglected surface in the room.”
– Albert Hadley

“Our personal happiness – in our homes and in our lives – is our own responsibility.”
– Denny Daikeler

“Repeat Shapes to gain harmony.”
– Eleanor McMillen Brown

Peeps – I have but scratched the surface here. There are scads more quotes that I could share. I didn’t even include William Morris for heaven’s sake…whom I quote often to clients. So I’ll tell you what….I’ll leave you now with the promise of more of these pearls to come at some future date. In the meantime…..

“Live Long & Prosper.”
– Mr. Spoc