Ever Been Screwed By Your Furniture?

screwed by furniture

I’ve gotta hand it to the multi-billion dollar home furnishings industry. It can’t be easy to produce giant, bulky, heavy to transport stuff, and do so in lasting quality, in beautiful form and craftsmanship… AND at a price the consumer wants.

So there’s the rub. You can’t have it ALL.

You want the good stuff? It costs more than you want it to.

If you want lower costs, then you have to accept that you have to trade down on all of it. Quality. Longevity. Craftsmanship. Customization. Beauty.

A dining room table made by Hickory Chair, Baker or Century is a different animal than what you find at Pottery Barn, Ethan Allen or Restoration Hardware.

Does that mean everyone can, should, or must buy the former?

NOT at all.

But it does mean that the furniture industry really isn’t trying to screw you. They must strip down to deliver product at a price they understand you want.

The trick is to align your expectations with your price point because in the furniture world, like many others, you get what you pay for.