Clothing Trends and Design Trends: Joined at the Hip

Check out this page of fashions trends from my airplane vacation reading of People Magazine, from their special fashion edition.

Not only do these sleek sophisticated color palettes track with the ever timeless color palettes for interiors today and yesterday, but notice the call for these hip accents in fashion that find their way into our best interiors.

The fur vest remains a hip and confident note in even the simplest outfit. A shot of fur by way of the fab pillow on the “fainting couch” in this traditional office provides the right dose of young and hip – just like its owner.

Animal prints in even the tiniest dose make any outfit feel sleek and confident. Available for interiors in every color under the sun – what interior wouldn’t spring to new life with a little animal print magic. Look at these great fabrics we just got in.

Look at the fresh note that is achieved by simply recovering these island stools in leopard in this Proven├žal inspired kitchen.

Yes, historically, fashion and interior design have long been dance partners… and I say, let the music play on.