Clock Tower Treasures at America in Lambertville

Whether working on a client project – or just playing hookie for a little stress relief – Lambertville, NJ is a favorite go-to destination. Brimming with art galleries, antique shops, great vintage finds (in both clothing and home decor) – and may I say …the Best Chicken Salad on Earth .( Sneedons…) escaping to Lambertville for a stroll is a little slice of heaven. And no trip to Lambertville is ever complete for this girl without a stop in to see the marvelous trove of art, furnishings, design finds and antiques found at David Teague’s store, America.

America….My Store ‘Tis Of Thee. It’s a delish mix of the perfect eclectic blend of the striking, the beautiful and the fascinating – from 1940’s French finds to American antiques & original furnishings, to vintage, to an array of 18th & 19th century art – (including paintings, sculpture, prints) – to my favorite… blow-your-decorative-mind clock tower treasures. (Spot any in this photo?)

Yes, you read that right: Clock Tower Treasures. Literally.

This exciting one of a kind collection of clock tower faces (dials), hands, pendulums and gears is just spectacular. Picture a clock tower in Europe (Spain, Italy, Portugal, France) or here in America that is either being torn down (ouch) or revamped. Where do those marvelous enormous dials in enamel, wood or bronze go? America. Clock faces or dials can range in size from a glorious 2′ to 10′ in diameter. These are statement pieces at their best.

How about those gears and pendulums? You’ll see those there too – some in fine gold leaf covering hammered iron or molded copper. Striking! (No pun intended).

Dials start at about $3000+, but for the collector who wants something chic and break-out from the norm in their art collection – this is a place to hunt. And yes peeps – there are some finds to be found as well. I am still trying to decide how -and for which client – I could have used this pair of 1940’s style low back chair. Great lines – a whif of Hollywood glam, great versatility – and at $1200 for the pair – a great deal!

The trick at America? Buy it when you see it. America has an ever rotating collection of finds so if you love it – buy it. It may not be there the next time you stop in.

Oh say, can you see? America…the beautiful. 🙂

5 Main Street, Lambertville, NJ 08530.