Celebrity Living Room Hits & Misses: Whose Living Room Is This?


With the popularity of our “can you guess the celebrity” blog posts….plus our staffer Samantha loves them too, I figured it’s time for another installment of…whose house is this? (Also can be subtitled….taking a design lesson from “the stahs”….)

This confident living room boasts a perfect blend of masculine and feminine lines… perhaps because this actor has been surrounded by a family of women. Strong lines and stained woodwork is beautifully softened by plush yet simple drapery panels, gently held in with tasseled tie backs no less, and a whisper quiet color palette. So…whose living room is this?

There’s nothing fussy or pertinacious about the hip white sofas…”the color of moonlight”…. when you ground them with beefy exposed beams on this high vaulted ceiling. I love the unexpected mid-century light fixtures dangling from those southwestern beams.   Lesson #1: Go for the unexpected to create exciting spaces.

Here comes lesson #2 and the dead giveaway clue: Like the hair on this actors head, which is a bit on the light side, this coffee table it also a little bit…”demi”…for the space. So design lesson #2. Watch your proportion. This teeny cocktail table swims in a massive room like this one. Go big or go home.

Any ideas about who this guy celeb is?