Bench Seating: There’s a Time and a Place


Your rear end may not appreciate this post, but there actually is a time and a place for the marvelous bench. Just as every woman knows that there’s a time and a place for a sexy pair of toe-mangling stilettos, so it goes with the caboose challenging bench.

A Brief History of the Bench

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The bench, a backless seat intended for more than one occupant, began as little more than a plank supported by a base of solid end supports.  Eventually these would give way to attached legs.  Later still, these attached legs would extend upwards to form sides (arms) and a back, giving way to the settee…a whole new animal.  The backless bench was eventually thought to be “common” seating as you might imagine, and so the chair at the same table was reserved for persons of greater importance.

Benches Today

Summer  cottage for easy, breezy entertaining? Add a wistful bench to the breakfast room. Foyer need a little something? Add a striking bench. Need an ideal spot to perch at the foot of the bed? Well then…

Here are a few great benches I’ve come across, including one bench I unsuccessfully searched for and so decided to sketch it and had custom made for a client.

Top: Lee Industries
Bottom: Lee Industries


You may approach “the bench” counselor!