Behind the Scenes Peek at Furniture Installation Day

I love designing. Bury me in a room doing my creative work for a client’s project and 5 hours will flash by in what feels like 20 minutes. I feel so relaxed and great when it’s all done…ahhhhh. Then there are the endless details and paperwork pulling all the pieces together from proposal through manufacture to delivery. Not so “ahh.” Finally however, the day clients and the IDH team waits for arrives: installation day. After weeks and months of planning & endless legwork for me and for my team, the furniture delivers on the day better known as…SHOW TIME! Furniture deliveries are so exciting and so stressful…and did I mention exciting?

Here’s a sneak peek at an installation in motion at a truly stunning home we’ve yet to photograph…

Here I am with the moving foreman, Lauren.  Great guy!

bucks county interior design
Check out…the fabulous oversized button detail on that dining chair, by the by. It looks even more wonderful than I’d hoped when I sketched it for our manufacturer to fabricate.

Check out also the not so great weather on this cloudy day. We were actually sweating out rain! Do we cancel? Do we proceed? It literally began raining within minutes of the last piece of furniture going into the house. Whew!

Here’s a view inside the truck after many furnishings were already brought inside, and still others as they are being uncrated. They all traveled many miles up to Philadelphia from down south where they were made. All were received in our choice receiving house, uncrated and inspected, then rewrapped and warehoused until it was time for “white glove” delivery.


Here I am asking somebody to move something in the living room over by about 1.5” probably. I am an unrelenting perfectionist, BUT I tip my delivery crew well and treat them like gold, so they never complain when they hear me start a sentence with the phrase, ”Hey Fellas?”


Check out that FAB-U-LOUS rug you can spy in the foyer. We designed that and our custom piecer/sewer fabricated it. Truly stunning.

Here’s a shot of Sandy and Wendi, my ace IDH team at work, checking out some detailing on a few of the new dining room chairs. A very small slub in some fabric is detected that was missed during inspection. They’re making notes to have it corrected. We aren’t satisfied until all is to our standard.


Installation was a huge success! Except for a few backordered pieces, most of the 4 rooms of furniture delivered. Each piece looks beautiful in its new home and with all of its new cousins! Tomorrow will be an 8 hour day (no lie) back at the site just hanging the artwork. Mmmmm!