Behind the Scenes at a Professional Interior Design Photo Shoot

How do I like doing photo shoots? Not so much. Love my photographer and his assistant because they are such dolls to work with and so talented. But shoots in general are arduous and they are also  hard work. With time being money and the clock incessantly ticking…a rain storm or cloudy day kills the whole shoot.

Plus, most interiors need additional styling in order to be photo ready so shoots require excellent planning and legwork. What the eye sees and what the cameras eye sees is quite different. Thus, my team and I must schlep in all manner of fresh flowers and additional lamps and generally larger accessories and sometimes extra pillows. Furniture almost always needs to move to new locations since what the eye sees, the camera cannot see and visa versa. It’s a lot of planning, schlepping and moving.

Then there’s the lighting (sigh). Once the space is styled out for the camera, waiting for the talented crew to light the shot is like watching a pot boil.

My favorite part of the shoot, other than looking at the gorgeous finished shots of the interior design work we get to do for our clients is yelling, “That’s a wrap!” at the shoot’s end (I’m corny and a baby and always ask if I can yell that!).

Take a look at this 1/2 day shoot in process on a very hip, very cool, very upper east side Manhattan-esque living room/ladies’ study.

Crew checking lighting on a monitor
Crew lining up a shot

That’s a wrap!