Avoiding Interior Design Stress for Couples

Men & Women in Decorating

Hey stressed out decorating couples, take heart. You’re not alone if you’re feeling mega stress because you’re decorating with your significant other. A recent survey by Houzz.com revealed that a whopping 47% of couples report feeling really stressed due to decorating with their significant other, with a small percentage even admitting to considering divorce after designing with their mate!

Sounds crazy, right? Not as crazy as you think. Interior decorating with your other half can escalate from stressful to screaming match.

What gives? How do you avoid this all too common stressor?

As an acknowledged couples decorating specialist, I can help. Here are 3 powerful tips that work:

Get clear. Get clear that there IS a solution, but first you need to get clear about your singular and joint decorating goals; your desired outcome. Next, get clear about your obstacles. Write down the answers. Only this will make crystal clear the core tripping points standing in your way.

Get Real.  Interior design is a grown up sport. The stakes are high. It’s your HOME at stake. The dollars add up quickly and hey, it’s your MONEY at stake. So no babies or brats allowed. Everybody has to be a grown up to swim in this pool because it’s all deep end. That means no sulking, no eye-rolling (Hey, I saw that eye-roll) and no tantrums. Everyone has to show up to the process with the right attitude. You may have to “agree to disagree” on a few items with some give and take on both sides, knowing you can will hit common ground between if you are wise enough to look for it.

Get a Plan. You need help. There comes a point when spinning your wheels only leads to more wheel spinning! Not to mention stress and resentment and wasted time. You need outside help. You need an expert in design for couples who can guide you through the murky waters to the other side where you both win.

It’s an odd specialty, but somehow, the design process I developed through my years designing for couples landed me in this small category of specialists. Little did I realize that in my work helping couples unlock their horns, the process I developed powerfully solved couples design dilemmas, even if couples only mildly misaligned. My design process allows me to think like both halves of a couple so we seamlessly marry both their aesthetics. I also use strategic and clear systems that cater to the vastly different ways men and women need to function WITHIN a design process to feel comfortable.

No more stressing. No more frustration. Just your newly beautiful home. There’s a place where everyone wins…you and your partner. I’d love to talk to you to see how I can help.