Architectural Salvage To Make An Interior Sing

Yes, you read that correctly. I said Sing. SING! Like…Gene Kelly, singing in the rain, singing! Like what’s-her-name singing at the stadium when her costume malfunctioned! Like me…belting one out in my car, when nobody is looking! Yes! That kind of singing.

Welcome my peeps…to treasure island: Architectural Antiques Exchange. Mmm. Mmm.

Take a spin here to find something for your latest project and not only will your interior sing…but you will too as you roam this fantastic old down down Philadelphia building.

Look at this stunning mantel…and all of the fabulous doors. This is but an itty-bitty-teeny-tiny sampling! New construction that needs some instant character, any one?

How about some perfect iron work as artwork to hang on a wall or above a fireplace mantel? Great way to sprinkle a little Andalusian or Tuscan charm into an interior. Or perhaps something is grabbing you for the sun room or conservatory? Here’s one small corner of their vast selection of grills, grates and fences pieces.

And for that media room project…your jaw will drop when you see all of the the salvaged bars. Some of the stunners are just massive – others – like this beautiful bar – are perfectly scaled for homes today.

It so happens my children were with me on the day I shot these as we were heading downtown for a little outing. I can never pass of a chance to pop in however….and even my kids had a ball (ages 10 & 14…but these kids like art and all things interiors…surprised?)

They enjoyed the little education I gave them when we all stumbled into a few fun Art Deco pieces …like this bureau…

…or this fun sofa & set of club chairs.

What a great place to go for an hour of wandering…or die-hard design shopping.

Have fun!