A Room To Love: Do You Have One?

Everybody should have a room to love. A place to come home to that envelops you in the right mix of beauty and textures that melt away your day of toil. A place to wake up to that puts a pep in your step. A place to settle into with a cup of tea and just sit and stare out the window.

Here are a few favorite rooms and a look at the people behind them…

This bandaid fix to an architect’s error turned into a favorite feature: a sunken window seat and game table for family game night. It has hosted everything from Monopoly to endless rounds of UNO.

Cozy nook

A too-busy dentist craved her own quiet retreat where she could cozy up with a book, a cup of tea, a lap top or her visiting mom and sisters. This room was long a dream of hers. What fun to make it come true.

Design by Interiors by Donna Hoffman/ Photo by David Van Scott

An orchid loving young family wanted a perfect party room for entertaining. He’s architectural and strong in his tastes, she is petite and feminine. This well blended rooms makes them both happy, so rumor has it that they spend much time here relaxing, not just entertaining guests.

Sunroom Interior Decoration

A room to love. Everybody should had at least one. Do you? We can help you get yours…