2011 Design Style and Accessory Trend Forecast – Part II

Welcome to part II of the Trend forecast from Interiors by Donna Hoffman. If you missed part I, click here.

Interior design clients who work with me here in the Philadelphia suburbs or in Princeton NJ all ask me about trends. I know that interior design clients are thinking about the trends…but, they don’t know how involved the question really is – hence part II of this report from this luxury interior designer!Important to note is that trends do not come in with a crash, halting all that came before. Rather, these mini-social commentaries tend to evolve in arcs.  Think evolution, not revolution. Trends are not jarring and abruptly final.  Instead trends develop, a process which keeps us feeling comfortable & unthreatened.  A trend’s slow descent keeps it feeling familiar to us. Here’s what to expect to see entering the scene at retail and in the design magazines of 2011.

Style Trends

Go for Baroque:  2011’s next style revival forecast is in and it’s Baroque. The fun news is the way it’s coming in. Imagine a contemporary shaped object, like a ceramic urn, but with heavily scrolled metal handles. Classic motifs are added to angular forms. Inlay on wood is done…but with metal. This is the new 21st century classicism.

Vintage Vibe: The economic stress is creating a desire for comfort and romanticism. Look for laces, plaids and patchwork designs. Fringes show up in unexpected locations like along the back of a wooden dining chair. Velvet is strong in aged or crushed looks. Expect to see cotton, linen, hemp, and intentional fading and fraying in total. 

Counter Trend (every trend has one): Structure:  Contemporary is gaining in popularity  more than at any other time, to include the mid century modern period! We’re seeing furniture with zigzags, odd lines that the eye has to follow. Shapes are big:  trapezoids and triangles, rectangles rather than squares…whether in embellishments or actual furniture silhouettes.
How to use it:  If you love it, start small. Pillows, a chair, artwork. If you hate it, steer clear and don’t look back. Just smile, wave and let it pass.

Accessory Alert

Accessory Themes:
As sustainability stays on the brain, tribal themes do, too. Rugs and decorative objects show animal prints…or just plain old animals. Elephants, tigers, lions and even objects that look “found in the forest” like bark or nests.  These show up in artwork, framed prints to baubles. Whimsy is back, too – dragonflies and butterflies adorned fabrics and objets d’art.

Displaying your Accessories:  Forget displaying a few accessories on a coffee table.  One of the most exciting and notable interior design trends at Paris’ recent Maison and Objet Design Show was the “Display Wall.” Here, a “built in” showcases our collections. These structures are literally built in floor to ceiling, wall to wall – with either shelves OR nooks, crannies and cubbies in which to feature and showcase our accessories. Accessories now become art.

How to use it:  Create a feature wall in a plain, architecturally un-interesting room and display your entire collection of cream ware. (Who cares if it’s from Sotheby’s, Target or the Flea Market…who’ll know or think to ask if it’s in a feature wall??)  Or do as I am now on a project – create a niche to surround and cozy up a sofa.